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List of a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer's Services

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We’d be happy to support you in various cases immediately!

For Business Cases

Check and Preparation of Agreement / Notarization

  • Sales Contract, Real estate lease contract and Contract for Monetary Loans
  • Notarizing documents written in Japanese / foreign languages

Support for setting up your business in Japan

  • Procedures of establishment of Stock Corporation (Kabushiki-Kaisha), LLC (Limited Liability Company), and etc.
  • Procedures of establishment of Social Welfare Corporation and Medical Corporation

Support for SME (Small & Medium-Sized Enterprise)

  • Bookkeeping and Preparation of Financial Statement
  • Application for Subsidy and Subvention

Concerning Intellectual Property Right

  • Application for Registration of Copyright
  • Preparation of License Agreement on Intellectual Property
  • Application for Registration of Copyright for Computer Program
  • Integrated Consulting Service related to Copyright

Examples of Business Licenses in myriad categories

  • Application for Construction business License
  • Application for Real Estate business License
  • Application for Travel business License
  • Application for Restaurant business License
  • Application for Entertainment & Amusement Trades business License
  • Application for Money Lending business License
  • Application for Industrial Waste Disposal business License
  • Application for Sale of Alcoholic Liquor License
  • Application for Motor Truck Transportation business License
  • Application for Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business License
  • Application for Registration of Financial Instruments business
  • Application for Antique Dealings License
  • Application for Cosmetic Manufacturing & Sale License

For your daily life

For Foreigners

  • Marriage, Divorce, Child acknowledgement or Adoption registration
  • Acquisition, Alteration and Renewal of Eligibility
  • Application for Naturalization and Acquisition or Renunciation of nationality at Legal Affairs Bureau
  • Application for Permanent residency
  • Alien Registration

Concerning Car accidents

  • Preparation of Investigation Report
  • Preparation of Out-Of-Court Settlement Document
  • Insurance Claim
  • Claim for Damages

Concerning matters related to Vehicles

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Certification of Parking space
  • Sealing of Car Number Plate without taking your car to Land Transport Bureau

Use of Adult Guardianship System

  • Consultation on Guardianship
  • Assumption of Office of Statutory Guardian
  • Making and Acceptance of Voluntary Guardianship Contract

Utilizing of Land

  • Change of Agricultural Land into Parking lot
  • Sale of Agricultural Land
  • Application Procedures related to Land

Problems in Daily Life

  • Cooling off of door-to-door sales
  • Preparation of Contents-certified mail
  • Prevention of undue billing
  • Preparation of Complaint / Accusation
  • Petition to Government office