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The Three Pillars of a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer's Services

Each Gyoseishoshi Lawyer mainly offers the following three services, which are highly demanded, to foreign nationals residing both at home and abroad:

1. Procedures for obtaining a status of residence to work in Japan

  • Management of company
  • Work under a contract of employment at a Japanese company
  • Personnel transfer from overseas company to its affiliated firm in Japan, and etc...

2. Procedures of application for permission required for Incorporation, Affidavit or Notarized corporate certification

  • Procedures of establishment of Branch office, Subsidiary
  • Permission for real estate or restaurant business
  • Permission for construction or transport business, and etc...

3. Procedures for Inheritance, Marriage with Japanese National and Adoption

  • Examination of heir
  • Preparation of agreement of Division of inheritance
  • Procedure for changing of an account holder name in banking facilities
  • Preparation of Will
  • Execution procedure of Will
  • Procedures for International marriage or divorce, or International adoption
  • Family relation registration for South Korean residing in Japan, and so forth